The word “yes” turns me on.

For many years, just saying the word “erotic” was, well… erotic.

But I have come to find that a good “yes” is always what I need. To the converse, the word “no” will drain the blood from my hot parts.

A close fourth or fifth in this line of words that turns me on is: adventure.


It was still sunny outside. But she said “yes” anyway. The whole while long driving towards her and I assumed that she would call and back-out. But she didn’t.

When I arrived she was dressed for a play. An opera. Her lipstick, still wet.

When she got in the car, she said that she thought she was overdressed. Because, where were we going, again? Yes… so, you’re really going to pop my sex club cherry, right?

The windows were down, the world around was hollering and spring was on its fruitful way. I nodded, smiled and said yes to her, all over the clear blue water I am going to pop your cherry.

She said that she didn’t think her clothes would be staying on very long.

Spring was coming. And soon, so would I. I said yes, your clothes won’t be on for very long at all.


The sex club was empty. And for this, I was grateful. Afterall, the girl was in my care and I didn’t want anything obtuse. More than that, I wasn’t interested in playing with anything other than the girl with tattoos all over her body and pierced-absolutely-everything.

When we climbed into the hot tub, we sat side-by-side. Under the rippling water we checked-out each other’s wavy bodies.

Our thighs touched. I reached down and began stroking at my cock, feeling her eyes bouncing down and then straight ahead, shyly. It this moment that is delicate, the wave of nerves before the storm – the only time in any relationship where you are completely uncertain as what to expect – because you have never touched before.

This is the longing to know. This is the moment of unknowing.

Thing is, I think that we were going to skip the whole sweet first kiss thing…

I inhaled the fumes of water and lust and then… I reached-out and touched her thigh. I looked into her pivoting eye. And then her manicured hand dipped under the water for her pierced clit.


I rolled out in front of her, my cock waving in the water between us. She took a hold and we stared into the other’s eyes, intoxicated and drenched with the anticipation of sensation. Of sex. Of supreme lust made manifest. Of the adventure party leaving base camp.

Slowly I crawled up toward her chest, her face.

She slid me in and out of her mouth. Slowly at first she took me, as though she were trying to decide whether she liked the taste of my dish. I reached down and twirled her nipple piercings in my fingers.

Then she took me entirely inside of her with an animalistic fervor. She attacked me as though it had been so long since the last time and all the weeks and months of thinking about it were too much…

And then the words began, in form of questions:

You like that cock?


You like being a dirty little girl, don’t you?


Her eyes lit up and over the tip of my cock she said that she wanted more words. More questions. Because yes, she wanted to feel as dirty as she could in this blue, blue water. And only words could topple her sexual being, over…

I pushed her up onto the edge of the tub and buried my face cautiously between her legs for my first taste.

Yes. Yes. She moaned.


The hot water was the beginning of our affirmation. With an open stretch of blue, cold water in front of us, we left the boil of the tub for a space where we could move; glide together. In the pool.

We had gone on one date prior. We talked about our lives and shared our very personal histories. When we left our glasses of wine, no food was eaten. I did not know about her appetite. I did not know what she could handle, or more than that, what she wanted to handle.

But with her legs wrapped around me in that pool, I learned that she had a feverous appetite. An unending thirst. A passion for sexuality. We talked about it in words and thrusts into one another. We talked about it with our eyes. And for awhile we floated around the pool, touching cock, touching cunt.

She asked me how I wanted her. As I began to slide inside of her I said that I wanted to pop her cherry all over this clear, blue pool. And as our heat slid together, she sighed and said that she didn’t think I would actually pop her sex club cherry.


We pirouetted through the shallow ends of the pool, the water sloshing up and onto our naked chins. Unabashedly, we moved from side to side, where I pinned her against the wall and pushed her legs up and over my shoulders.

With everything I had, I laid into her. Our breath beating like hearts. Our breath punctuated by large and small exclamations: yes. Yes.

In our dance away from the wall, I stayed inside her the whole time. I reached down and twirled her clit piercing between my slick fingers. Effortlessly, we supported each other’s weight and more than bouncing with the waves of the water, we created those soft, rolling waves throughout the pool and more than that, through our entire bodies.

Gripping her, I slid my fingers down to massage her ass. She sighed, yes. I love that. I opened her even wider…

As I slid in and out of her I told her that it would be hot if there was another cock in front of her. You would like that, you naughty girl, wouldn’t you? She sighed, yes. Or, if we pushed you up against the edge of the pool to an open pair of legs. You want to suck on another girl’s wet cunt, wouldn’t you? She sighed longingly, yes

And as I opened her up underneath, she said that she went through a phase where she only wanted it in the ass. To that we both sighed and sang with the water lapping up and onto us both.


I laid her on the bed. That’s when people began trickling into the wet pool area.

Taking her nipple piercings into my mouth I slid inside of her and pinned her legs up to my ears. She said that was her favorite. I reached down, cupping my cock and her wet cunt, then slid down to her ass. She said, yes, and that too…

One couple came onto the bed and she and I twirled around our common center, shifting positions and sensations. The man next to us went down on his girl. We watched us in the mirror. We watched them in the mirror.

With her legs up and over my shoulders I laid into her. Without the resistance of the water I pounded down and onto her, with our bodies now dry save for she. She was now dripping…

Then I asked her how she wanted me to cum. She said, yes, I like that. Anywhere. On my tits. On my ass. Anywhere. But mostly, on my face.

Then, after two hours of standing near my summit of climax, I pulled out of her and crawled up her torso. In a few short strokes I exploded with weeks of suppression. When I concluded my tremble, she looked up at me, grinned and said that she believed that was an award-winning orgasm. Yes, she said, that was amazing…


Once back out and into the day, away from our sensory overloaded play time and we both lit a cigarette. And in less than fifteen minutes I had dropped her off at home, and our adventure was over.

As I drove away from her, I was still charged with another orgasm. I was ready for more. But I knew that the importance was not in the duration of our adventure. The purpose and importance was in the fact that it happened at all.

For this and more, I love yes. I love adventures.

~ by The Provocateur on May 8, 2008.

5 Responses to “Yes”

  1. Yes. I am smitten with your words. And your lips.

  2. Mmmm, yes. Indeed.

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  4. Hmmm… yes please….

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