There is delight is expansion. And restriction.

With my hands wrapped around her neck and pushing her deeper into the bed, she is writhing in ecstasy.

Our naked bodies are a symbol of this freedom.

My hands, are clean.

On top of her, I look down to see my cock as a sword, battering her. Bringing her closer to something I can’t otherwise give her.

In the pale light streaming in from the hallway, I can see her look is inquisitive. I have never done this before.

My hands are wrapped around her neck.


I am not an angry man, nor a mean man. I am, however, an emotional man.

My hands around her neck are a symbol of how I want this to work. I don’t want control. I want this situation to find its focus.

And this situation, is us. In this life.

Not yesterday and not tomorrow.


I want to wring it out of her – everything that she is. Could be. Was. To bring her closer to now.

Pivoting more of my weight on her throat, I am hoping that when I release – and when that great gasp for air comes it will shoot everything up and out of her.

As though it was only suppressed. Hung-up in the back of the throat.


I want more than delight. I want more than ecstasy.

I want our days to weave together neatly with our nights.

I want to love and fuck at the same time.


One of my hands wraps all the way around her throat, cupping her breathing channel perfectly. With my other hand I pinch and prod at her nipples.

I slide down her stomach. Circle her clit.

If I had something to restrain her arms with, I would.

But the emotions and longing to live is enough, for now.

Slowly releasing my grip from her throat and I pull out of her, spraying my juices all over her stomach.

I clean myself from her and nothing else is said.

~ by The Provocateur on October 22, 2007.

5 Responses to “Constriction”

  1. […] post by nipples – Google News and software by Elliott […]

  2. That hit home harder than I would have liked.

  3. Your words are amazing…

  4. oh the choking…

  5. The most erotic experience ever, Happened yesterday.

    I was messing around with this guy… We didn’t have sex yet(I said not yet), but we were making out and were extremely close to having sex, and he did the MOST erotic thing to me EVER. It turned me on so much and I would’ve never guessed that I would like it, especially as much as I did.

    But anyways, WHAT HE DID was that he grabbed my throat and did the whole choking thing. BUT the reason it felt so good and I was comfortable with him doing it was because he executed it perfectly. He was gentle yet firm and knew the correct place to push to cut off my oxygen flow. I can see how it could be dangerous if a person didn’t know how to do it properly, but he did know how to do it properly, and OMG. Very very very hot. It’s all I have been able to think about since he left. I want more of him!

    He also would switch in between grabbing my throat and my face(jawline area) and pull my face towards his as we pressed against one another. Yikes I am already turned on. SO if you haven’t already tried it, READ AND STUDY how to do it correctly, and try it. I don’t know about other people, but I LOVED it.

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