When she was a child she masturbated to fire. She said it was dangerous, like the size of her pupils tonight, when she is looking at me.

She is a burlesque dancer and she tells me about how she fingers her cunt in parking garages during the day. She is in sales and drives from client to client. She calls it her situation and likes to pay special attention to it in the shade of garages. She says that she circles her clit with her fingers as though she is circling the stage in a dance. In costume.

She says that sometimes she reads erotica in the parking garage with one hand so she can tend to business with the other. She said that she printed-out a story of mine and masturbated while reading it the other day. Ever since then I wanted to devour her, wholly.

On stage she is large. She is animated. She performs astounding acts and swirls her perfect ass in circles, like the tassles on her tits.

Burlesque is a form of expression that treats exalted subject matters in a trivial way. Burlesque imitates. It mocks. It exaggerates. It seduces, slowly.

She has a stage name and a real name. But neither are far from the truth.

She says that she smiles when she leaves the parking garage and her situation, where she enters another situation where she has to shake somebody’s hand. More than a smile I think she grins inside knowing that only minutes before and her shaking hand was sliding up and down her wet situation.


I am sitting on a bar stool with my legs open. Hers are crossed. Her toes are like words dancing in between my legs. Playfully kneading my thigh. Tickling my cock.

I want to devour her and she knows this. But I am not sure if she knows that her foot is so close to my sex. I think she is aware and so I slide even closer while I look her in the dilated eyes.

When we leave the bar, I am saying goodnight. I am closing the conversation down. But she says that she has just begun. And so we fall into each other.

On the back of her car, I let her feel my hardness. I press my hips into her. I reach around for her ass. I slide my hand underneath to her hotness. I knead at her chest and my hands seem to prod her onward.

Savagely we suck and bite and, more than tease each other, we begin the process of actually devouring one another. Days later and her teeth will have left their marks on my neck.

Cars are passing us on this busy street. It’s so late that we are like Fresnel lenses in a lighthouse; encased in glass and flashing all the way to the horizon, for all to see.

She says slyly, I just need to be in bed by three…


I arrive at her place, in a separate car and she is waiting on the stoop. She is elegant. But she is also fierce. She kisses me this way – with a fervor that says: I am dangerous.

Once inside and she cues-up an album. She says that she wants to dance for me. She tells me to open a bottle of champagne.

And while I lay back on the bed, with one arm behind my head, I sip champagne from a musical flute and watch her move before me. Act, before me.

Slowly she strips. Teases. Dances. Seduces.

I take off my shirt.

I say, you’re almost there. I validate her dance with utterances more primal than a clear human inflection. Wow. Oh my. Ugh…

She says, I’m almost there. But you still have your pants on.

Quickly I unbutton. Unstrap. And then, I am laying before her, naked and hard. Throbbing.

But I do not touch myself. Instead of indulging, I tie my hands behind my head with the ropes of titillation and the slow seduction of her burlesque bait.

When she spins back toward me, she watches my cock, not my eyes.


I have seen her nearly naked before. On a stage. Under the lights. With tassels on her tits and eyes on her ass.

But it is much different when your wish has been granted and she is crawling over the footboard of the bed; slithering up my legs and with a glance down to my pulsing cock.

Her body, is perfect. Her ass slays me. Her tits have the most perfect nipples ever. It is appropriate that she teases men for a living. It is appropriate that she also knows a weightier sophistication in her sexuality – because this is exactly what her body also knows in its solitary dance.

Our breathy music sails from our mouths as our tongues meet. She reaches down, encircling my cock like a clit; teasing me as though we are now dancing together. She says, do you want to see what you look like in my mouth?

I affirm her query with a heavy sigh and she takes me in her mouth; watching me watch her. With her fingers she presses on the soft spot beneath my balls and takes all of me inside her hot, wet mouth.

With her tantalizing tease, she crawls up to my lips. I reach down for her ass and roll her over. She obliges me and opens her legs.

Still dancing and sliding across our body ballroom, I move down her torso, taking one nipple in my mouth. She presses me deeper into her tit. Then we release and I move further down to her wide-open catalog of letters and words.

With my fingers I open her slit with the letter “V”. My mouth opens to the letter “O”, taking all of her in my mouth. Then I lick up and down her crease with the shape of an “I”. I slide my tongue inside her, then out and when I go for her clit – I slip a finger inside. Then another. And with the shape of half moons I circle her engorged clit in strokes of the letter “C”. As her hips begin moving into my face and with my fingers pumping furiously in and out of her, I press and rub at her g-spot. Then we fly into the furious finale of this movement in our dance – all the while I am tracing a lower case “e” into her cunt.

Without vocalizing, I tell her that this is my VOICE. My V-O-I-C-e. And from reading her breathy body’s book, I know she can hear what I am saying.

For when she pulls me up by the back of the head, grabbing my cock and economically putting me inside of her, I ask her how I can get her to come. I say, I want to see you come.

She says, I already did.


The music has stopped playing in the background. But our dance has now found its own music. Its own cadence and rhythm.

I am fucking her and she is fucking me.

She is grinding into me, squirming and howling as though I am invading her. As though she has never been assaulted like this before. But I know better – she loves bringing everything this close to danger.

Then in her wild expression, she knocks a flute of champagne onto the bed and her head. It’s in her hair.

We laugh and then she grabs me, as I though I am going to abandon us. Her hips, in defiance, continue to buck into me.

She says, don’t stop fucking me. Don’t! Stop… Fucking me…

I prop myself back up and begin pounding at her wetness. My balls are slapping against her ass.

Then, I pull out. Her hair is sticky.

I get her a towel. And she gets into the shower.

As she closes the shower door, she extends her index finger and waves me in.


I shampoo her hair and as my fingers massage her scalp, I bend her over and slide myself back inside her.

A million miles away from love, I pound into her – opening her ass every now and then to see my cock moving in and out of her.

When we dry off, we move back to the bed where she traces curves and lines around my midsection with her nails. She is gently tickling me. Around my cock, under it and then back over the top. Quickly, I am hard again.

But her positioning, on top of me, says to enjoy this. Relax. Don’t move. Buck your hips. Press your ass into the bed. And for several minutes, once again, she seduces me. Completely.

She says you told me that you wanted to masturbate for me. I want to see that.

Show me.

And so I get up and onto my knees. Postured above her, I begin stroking myself. Seduced, she slides a hand down her torso and watches me.

Her eyes seem to lick her lips as she watches my cock in my hand. Like a drug it is, rolling her eyes back and drying out her open mouth.

She begins to rub her clit with a slow seduction at first. Then, faster. And then she begins moving with a ferocity that says I am going to come for you. Her hips buck and her midsection twitches every now and then.

I am standing at my peak, ready to climax, only waiting for her.

Then, when she begins shaking, her head fallen back and her hips pushing into the bed and my legs – I let myself go. I come all over her arm and stomach. When I lay down beside her, she rubs my juices in and then presses her stomach onto mine. And as she kisses me, the cool, wet come softens both of our bodies.

When I leave, she is standing on the summer balcony above. She says good night you very dirty boy. And then she blows me a kiss beneath the crystalline skies of everything once trivial elevated into grand exaltations.

Driving away, I am in love with this moment of my life.

~ by The Provocateur on July 13, 2007.

26 Responses to “Burlesque”

  1. I keep finding myself cumming back to your wonderful stories.
    Thank you for keeping me constantly wet 🙂

  2. goddamn.

    you know by now what your words do to me.

  3. hmm, what a wonderful story.
    and luv lee is right: you make the girls become wet every time. me, too…
    and I’m sure, I’ll dream of you and the girl this night…

  4. This was beautiful. You made the whole burlesque something very eloquent here. I’m in love with this moment of your life too.

  5. yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy. Now I will have to use this screenplay for my next encounter hehheh

  6. Lovely, lovely writing…

  7. I am greatly enjoying your stories. Not only are they well-written, but they make me wet, so extra bonus points! Curious – are your stories drawn from real life or a fantastic imagination?

  8. You know, it really would be nice if I could leave a comment that actually expressed what I felt, instead of just saying: that was wonderful, which is was, or echoing some phrase in it that especially resonated. But apparently I can’t, so I’ll just say this: I loved that one most, so far, because there was uncomplicated joy in it.

  9. Once again.. just amazing.

  10. I cannot read your posts, they make me want to run out and fuck the first person who moves.

  11. mmmmm. Wonderful.

  12. my god…

  13. Wowie Zowie!

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  16. […] Week’s Picks Burlesque “She performs astounding acts and swirls her perfect ass in circles, like the tassles on her […]

  17. […] Week’s Picks Burlesque “She performs astounding acts and swirls her perfect ass in circles, like the tassles on her […]

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  19. i don’t think i can add anything to what’s already been said.



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  21. Really quite beautiful… felt as if I were there with you, which doesn’t happen all that often to me anymore.

  22. Fantastic.

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  24. wonderful, zowie, hot and great writing, love the voice and closing line, and “economically putting me inside of her” among others. it’s all good, all good.

  25. That was gorgeous. VOICe. beautifully written.

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