I Love Tara Tainton


Ms. Tara Tainton, sex blogger extraordinaire – is teasing me.

…In a good way. Still, it’s all in a manner that I can barely stand.

Knowing my proclivities and my ultimate turn-ons, Ms. Tainton was kind enough to send me some hot photos of her in a low-clinging skirt that she bought when she lived in Australia.

My quiet, alone time this week is now all the more robust.

…I am throbbing at the seams…

(Luckily, I posted a new photo yesterday and as a result, my cock has never been closer to Tara…)

If you haven’t been to her hot and informative site, go: www.taratainton.com.

Thank you Tara… You are my kind of girl.

~ by The Provocateur on April 16, 2007.

2 Responses to “I Love Tara Tainton”

  1. Oh she’s hot…. Ultra sexy shots.

  2. And you, Provocateur, could very well be my kind of man. 😉 Only time will tell… the flirting and teasing must continue!


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