The Sex Club: Part 3

Five minutes later and to my complete surprise, the young couple walked back in the door.  My cock began throbbing.  I wanted to see more.  I wanted to hear an orgasm. I wanted to see it.  Taste it in the electric air.

But then, to my complete craving and surprise, the couple did not go and sit back in the seats that they previously occupied.  Instead they came and sat right next to me.

My heart was now pounding out of my chest and I was sent into a whirlwind of intoxication.  I shifted my cock around, still stroking it – making absolutely certain that they were aware that I was, indeed, hard and ready to play.  At first, there were no words.  They remained clothed.  Then, just when I wasn’t sure they were going to say anything, she did. 

Are you bi?  She asked me.

I leapt, I said no, I’m not.  I love women.

The guy then added to the conversation by asking me if I liked threesomes.

I said yes, I love them.

She asked me if I had been in one before.

I said yes, I have. 

We should go over to the group bed, the guy said, we should play together.  I nodded.

The group bed had two couples on it.   One couple, at the fore, was composed of a black guy that was severely punishing his girl with his gigantic cock.  Her face was pressed into the bed, her nails digging into the sheet.  She was holding-on for this, a life well-aroused.  And a moment of being absolutely brutalized by a black cock.  She wasn’t moaning – she was screaming.  I think I heard her speak of the devil, or if not that then surely, Jesus was a part of her pleas.

We stepped over this couple and sat on the back part of the enormous white bed. 

I sat across from them as the guy explained to me that I would wear a condom; that he had ten of them to spare.  Here, he said, giving me three.  He said that when I am going to cum, I need to pull-out, even though I am wearing a condom.

She shyly looked up at me as she rested in his arms.

I said perfect.  And then I licked my lips and did something I wasn’t ever sure I would do: I went right for her gorgeously shaved pussy – the same pussy that had been the recipient of cock and balls and a very male-mouth all night long.  I didn’t think about cum or the fact that a cock had been sliding all around her hot, wet hole.  Instead I simply began to lap at her clit, occasionally sucking gently on her lips.

Her hips wriggled.  I felt her lay completely down in his lap now.  She was rifling air from her lungs more than she was breathing.

I heard him say, no, he’s not bi.

I continued lapping away, sliding my tongue in and out of her ass.  I sucked on her thighs, then her stomach, tonguing her belly button and then coming-up for those gorgeous and perky breasts.  Her nipples were hard and from there, I could feel her breath on my face.  It smelled as rich as any sex I have ever smelled on a female before.

When I pulled away, to reach for the condoms, I saw the black guy and his girl, leaning up against the wall, simply watching us.  Apparently for now, she was done with her punishment.  She was smiling.  She saw god.

My cock, hard and throbbing, swayed out in the open for the two couples on the bed to see – as well as the bourgeoning crowd that was gathering at the foot of the bed.  In my adrenaline rush there was no time or concern for being shy or timid.  This was the penultimate moment and I was going to capitalize.

Suck on him, the guy said flipping his ballerina around.  With her ass in the air she elegantly pivoted on her elbows and came to my midsection.  She licked me clean and then gently slid me inside her dirty mouth.

He pressed up against her ass.  He had his hand on the small of her back and I could see that his thumb slipped down and under.  He said, you want my big cock in your ass?

With an intoxicating mouth full of me, she mumbled, yes…  I felt the vibrations resonate through my cock, now completely engulfed in her hot mouth.  I could feel her torrents of steam shooting from her nose and mouth as he slipped his cock into her backside.  Slowly he began thrusting, then quicker.  She reached back and under with one hand to her swollen clit.  With one hand she guided me expertly in and out of her mouth.

Gently I grabbed her head and began thrusting my hips into her.  I began gently, but her body’s communication told me faster, harder.  And so I obliged – and both of us on opposite ends filled her completely up.

Do you want him inside of you? He asked her.

I pulled away.

She nodded and then sat down on her ass, once again pivoting around so that her throbbing pussy faced me in between the valley of her legs.  Using him as a wall, she pushed off from him; her midsection coming closer to me.

I put on a condom and then opened her legs even wider.  I watched as every throbbing inch of me slid inside her.  Her beautiful lips opened wide and accepted all that I had to offer.  I arched my back and began to stretch her lips open.

Oh you feel good, she whined.  More.  Harder.  Faster.

And so I pumped and pumped, knowing that my ass was in the face of the couple behind me.  Somehow this liberated me even more.

A couple minutes later and still thrusting into her, with my balls slapping below on her ass, sweat was falling from my brow, and dripping from my under arms and my chest.

Do you want him from behind?  He asked her.

She nodded and then with a dancer’s grace she spun around, her perfect young ass bucking up and down in front of me, begging for my attention.  She leaned into him and they met with open mouths.

I slid into her.  This new position had tightened her up again and her new form presented an intensity to my cock as she wrapped herself around me.  Opening her ass, I began thrusting into her slick pussy, pulling her up and closer into me.  As I pumped, I looked over to the black and white couple who were still sitting, out of breath and intently watching.

With one hand massaging her back and neck I picked-up my intensity and speed.  She began moaning into the mouth of her lover and they locked lips.  For several minutes I pumped and squeezed.  I then slid my thumb into her ass and rhythmically timed my pulses.

One of her arms gave-out and she slumped into the lap of he.

I then gently flipped her over and pulled her, in one move, back onto me.  I slid inside of her and then, balancing on one hand I went down and lapped at her nipples, now pumping with everything I had, my balls slapping around in her scenic valley of sex.

Then the colors came and I could not see anything human.  Instead I saw that cosmic debris, that soup of creation and everything larger than the three of us and everyone in that room.  I felt the pulses from deep below my balls and so I pulled out.

I’m coming, I sighed through my breath.

Only stroking my cock a couple of times and I filled-up that condom to the hilt with my orgasm.

With sweat dripping from my chest and out of breath, I pulsed a couple more times from deep within my hips and my ass, letting the last of my orgasm out of me.

I fell back to my ass, still gripping my dripping cock.

I looked to my side to find that we had created a standing room only event.  For at the edge of the bed it was packed with naked bodies fondling one another – three deep the pack of people stood before us.

It was then that it hit me: In a life where I have always prided myself on creating experiences, this was certainly one that I would carry with me for the rest of my days.

This was an experience I created.  I was the owner, just as everybody else in that room was the owner of their experience.

More importantly, this was that kind of thing which could not be taken away from me.  In debt, in death or in prison – this was mine for all eternity.

I thanked the young couple and began to slowly dress as other couples lay onto the bed.  Here, in this throng of people, there was so much to watch. And I was included in the scene – several women watched me dress as their lovers fondled them, and they cupped them back. 

The black and white couple began again.  The young couple rolled into a ball, with him on top of her, slowly sliding his cock in and out.  They whispered into each other’s ears and pulled back every now and then to lovingly look into the other’s eyes.

Once dressed, I rolled my towel and put it under my arm as I exited the pool building. 

I walked down the sidewalk, glancing up at the heavens in grateful recognition of this night.  Somewhere deep out there was the cosmic soup, the beginning of time and everything larger than you or I.  As I walked to the fence, from which I came, I looked up and into the great and fiery cosmos.  And with my hands on the top of the fence I leapt up and into the great darkness of light and back into the beginning of time.

~ by The Provocateur on March 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Sex Club: Part 3”

  1. Wow… now, that got my blood pumping… from hoping your in-relationship self would one day fulfill all your fantasies to your jumping the fence (brave indeed!) and realizing your inner exhibitionist. Maybe I should’ve tried an illegal entry for my own first and only sex club experience. 🙂 Maybe I should return when I’m all alone. 🙂


  2. What an unforgettable experience.

  3. wow I was riveted the entire time reading. snuck in huh….not a bad idea.

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