The Sex Club: Part 2

Walking in, I was immediately hit with the scent of chlorine.  Pools.  I heard people.

Through the small entry and I came into it all.  There was a full-size pool, stretching from end to end.  There was only room around the perimeter for a walkway and a chair.  And the chairs were lined-up all around the edge of the pool.

It was dark in there.  Large vertical fish tanks surrounded the pool, morphing from one end of the color wheel to its opposite.  There was a disco ball hanging in the center of the tall pool area, reflecting not only light and color, but also the myriads of sounds – of water and bodies and feet on the ground and way up high.

With blinders on, I casually headed for a chair that was empty.

As though I belonged.

I laid my towel over the chair, as I would do at any other pool and then sat down.  Entirely unsure about the etiquette, I immediately went for my shoes and then socks – because if I was certain of one thing it was that I wouldn’t need these, not here.  In a quick glance about the room, I discovered that everybody, absolutely everybody was naked.

And so I began to disrobe.

There were people in the pool.  Couples, floating face-to-face.  Face-to-back.

At the head of the room were two hot tubs, separated by wall.  Opposing those, in one cove that was carved into the wall on one side of the pool, which made for a larger seating area, was an elongated bed, dressed with a white sheet.  For now, it was empty.

As I pulled-off my shirt, I felt the eyes.  There were couples in chairs, across the pool from me.  I looked up at them.  They were looking at me.  Some more discriminately than others.

And while I pulled-off items of my clothing, there was one restraint which I could not clear myself of: I was a single guy.  And single guys were not allowed in here.  I knew the question, in part, in the minds of the others, was: How did I get in there?

One younger couple across the pool from me watched intently.  I bravely unzipped my pants and let them fall, my cock flopping outward, already partially hard.  Here, I could feel her eyes watching me.  The intensity of this knowledge was almost unbearable, and if I had to turn back from that moment in that second; if I was forced to leave – my desire for the night would have been satiated. 

But this was only the beginning.

I kicked-off my pants and sat back down.  The breeze of sounds and lights and eyes all whistled in and around my clean-shaven cock and ass.  Knowing that the woman’s eyes across the pool were still on me, I reached down and gave one long tug at my cock.  Out of my periphery I saw her make a mild adjustment in her seat.  Oh the heat…

For several minutes I simply took it all in.  There were several couples in each of the hot tubs, talking loudly and drinking out of plastic cups.  There were the others, quietly floating in the pool, watching the action all around them.  And there were still others, sitting in the chairs around, all eyes.  All eyes.

All around me were naked bodies. 

While I love clothing as the ultimate expression of human form and sensuality, I could not have asked for anything more.  Craving this as a sugar fantasy for as long as I had, I had developed cavities.  And at this point, nothing could have been sweeter.  Afterall, I wanted to taste thousands of naked bodies with my whole tongue in tiny, teasing licks.  Only that, I thought, would satisfy this driven hunger that I have developed.

Most of the couples were older and unattractive.  But there were those that were attractive, and young.

And upon my cursory glance about the room I spotted one couple, even younger than me.  Very attractive.  The girl had her hand in her man’s lap.  She was stroking him.  Both of them were looking about the room, casually soaking it all in without any inhibitions.  I caught their glance and they both smiled at me; her hand picking up the pace a little more.

I reached down for myself and pulled a couple times – as a primate, in a figurative combing of myself: mostly to ensure that I appeared attractive and hung.  Like I believed I was.

Then one of the hot tubs cleared-out.  So I rose, my first time completely naked in front of this many people.  My first time, at all, in such a sexual manner.

As I pushed around the perimeter of the pool, I felt eyes fall upon me.  Confidently I looked around.  As though I belonged.

One of the couples across the pool was younger, and the female watched me intently.  Her eyes at my midsection.  Unabashedly. 

I slipped into the hot tub, with a verve and swagger that said I knew why I was here.  And I would capitalize if granted the opportunity.

I sat there, slowly stroking myself under the water.  My sexuality was mounting.  My walls were falling down all around me.  In this, I felt a supreme comfort where I was allowed, alas, to be myself.  To be hypersexual.  Even perverted.  Nasty.  Naughty.  Dirty.  Human.  Very much human.  And outright unashamed as a sexual creature.

And I felt that, not only was this acceptable, it was promoted.  Possibly reciprocated.  Indulged.

A couple came and walked up the steps and then dropped into the tub.  But not before their genitals waved in front of me.  Before this night I had never seen an erect cock in person. 

The woman, as she dropped into the tub, did so slowly; teasing me with her mature body and her clean-shaven slit.

Then, one by one, the hot tub I was in, filled-up.  The first couple that entered tried conversing.  The man asked me about my girlfriend.  I said I was alone.  He remarked that single men aren’t allowed.  I inhaled.  However, he followed-up, they can come if they rent a room for the night.  So, surely, I must have rented a room.  I said that I had.  Luckily he didn’t ask which one. 

Then two more couples entered the hot tub.  And before I knew it, one of the men sat up on the edge of the tub.  His wife moved in-between his thighs.  Unabashedly she began stroking his cock, looking sheepishly at the other couple.  Then she slipped it in her mouth, raising her ass out of the tub and into the center of our group.  The other couples, along with I, watched whatever we could: her mouth, her ass bucking and gyrating ever so slowly, or her hand pumping away at his cock.

For several moments I was oblivious to the liquid medium that enveloped my body.  The broken bubbles that burst in their splash around me were now of no concern to my eyes.  I was looking beyond them.  For this was as close as I had ever been to other people playing and having sex.  I had never heard the sounds of pleasure in person.

Looking out and into the room, I surveyed the people.  I wanted to see if others were watching.  They were and weren’t.

The younger couple, that was once casually stroking each other, was now in full-bloom.  The girl was standing with her ass in the guy’s belly.  She was reaching behind her, trying to put him inside.  Her tiny tits erect with the rush of their adventure of fucking in front of a whole room of people.

I saw one man walking along the pool, who stopped and sat in the chair that the young girl once occupied.  He sat there, and very casually started up a conversation as she slipped her man’s cock inside her.

She began bouncing up and down on his now-slick cock – the both of them looking over to the gentleman who was conversing with them.  And for the next several minutes, just as someone would have a conversation in any other arena of life, these three people talked while the girl and the boy fucked; their eyes scanning the room for onlookers.  Thirsty their glance was, as they found our hot tub and the action boiling-over in it.

Several minutes later, I exited the hot tub, feeling lethargic from the heat.

I retired to my seat, to watch.  I wanted the people around the pool to see more of my cock.  If I couldn’t stroke it for all the women in the world, then I wanted to stroke it for all the women in that building…

This time I felt more freedom with my sexuality.  And so I reached down, with the eyes of a man and woman on me, and I began deliberately and slowly stroking myself – my body still wet, my cock throbbing.  I stroked slowly, looking at the couple – letting them know that I knew…

Feeling unabashed about my liberty, I picked up the speed on my cock.  The girl reached over into her man’s lap and began stroking him as he kept his eyes on one of the hot tubs that was now occupied by the young, attractive couple.  The young, slender girl now had her head in his lap, bobbing up and down she was; sucking furiously while onlookers moved closer to the source of that heat.

Pulling at my now fully-erect cock – out and in the open – with nothing shielding me, not even my legs, I became entranced in my freedom.  I could see my stomach twitching to the beat of my pounding heart. 

Since discovering my exhibitionist taste, I had always wanted to do this.  I had always wanted a safe place where I could show-off at-will.  And be accepted.  Even appreciated…

In this I lost myself, trying to see whose eyes I was catching.

Little did I know that there was a couple, only slightly older than me and relatively attractive, in the pool directly below me.  Somehow my leg was shielding me from them and lost in this trance, I wasn’t paying attention…

When I looked down at them, surprised that they were so close, I jumped.  But they did not see this as the man was facing away from me, propped-up by the side of the pool.  The woman, however, was facing toward me.  Moreover she was looking up, not at me per se, but at my cock; her head rocking sensually from side to side as she bobbed up and down  at the midsection of her lover in the water.

The blood in my body ignited.  Where my blood was once surging to my midsection to fill-up my cock – I was now full and my cock could not hold any more blood.  But it was trying to take more: It was a shade of purple that I had never seen.  My veins were protruding and my head was a wonderful lipstick shade of deep red.  Stroking I was, fast at times – to keep me right at that place of ascent, just below the peak of climax.  Then, slow at other times, balancing my rise – and teasing myself as well as the woman, all the more.

My free hand found its way under my balls, teasing the gyrating body of the woman in the pool before me.  Her eyes were devouring me.  I could feel them tickling my ass and swirling around the head of my cock.

Across the room, the young couple in the hot tub changed positions.  Her mouth had left his cock, but her hand hadn’t.  She was sitting up on the edge of the hot tub, facing out toward the whole room, slowly stroking her man.  I was sure that they were watching me, whispering to the other as she played with his glistening, hard cock. 

But in this moment where my senses were at once acute and accurate – I didn’t altogether trust my judgment.  I wasn’t sure that they were talking about me, even though it felt like they were.

My skepticism about my judgment was based on the strange fact that I had too much delicious sensory input coming-in.  I had too many new sensations.  Such was this intensity that I felt like a globule of primordial matter, straight from the quark soup that began this whole universe.  I morphed from my human form into a cosmic reaction, ebbing and flowing in the great solar rays of time, unknowing as to my time or means of creation.  Here, I was simply existing, feeling, in a needled moment, full of jabs and prods and pricks to my psyche.  Everything was sharp and penetrating every pore of my body like a tunnel of nails, slowly and deliciously closing-in…

In this space, I had everything I could ask for: eyes and delights and fantasies made manifest.

In my previous exhibitionist endeavors I was separated from my subjects – by windows and across the void of a real, non-sexual practical world.  And in these moments I had wanted more: a stranger’s skin on mine.  A foreign tongue inside me.  I wanted to climb higher, faster, taller.  In juxtaposition to those moments, I had found, in this sex club, the whitest of moments.  One that encapsulated all of that craving and wriggling.

In this sex club, I was satiated in a way that I had never known before.  I felt acute, stricken, every end of me hungry for more in a way that also left me satisfied and full and complete.  And most importantly, expansive and progressive.  In this I was pushing at every erotic seam that I have ever stitched. 

Always leery of STD’s and the like, playing with myself in the face of others was the safest, most-perfect expression of my sexuality.  Here there was no opportunity for anything other than ideas and sensory data to be exchanged.  In this, I was completely safe and wildly titillated – reinforcing the notion that there is so much more to sexuality, sensuality and eroticism than just animalistic intercourse.

The woman in the pool before me was now grinding faster on her lover’s hips; her legs were completely wrapped around him in their buoyant pulse.  And as they throbbed and melted together, she leaned-in and whispered in his ear.  He then gave a half-turn of his head, in my direction.  I didn’t want to see his face and fortunately he didn’t make it all the way around in his glance.  She looked back up at my, intently focused on my midsection.

I cupped my balls, pulling at them every now and then, reaching under to my perineum and the absolute base of my cock.  Like a stick shift I pushed down on the head of my cock, situating it in different positions – so she and anybody else that was watching was certain to get different angles; and all of the best light.  In a space where I wasn’t timid about my body, or my cock and its size – and in a place where I felt as though I had the most beautiful of all cocks and that it was the longest, fattest that anybody had seen – I wanted to emphasize all of its dimensions.

The young couple got out of the hot tub.  The girl was clean-shaved.  She had the body of a ballerina – lanky and with perky breasts.  In all reality, she was gorgeous.  And apparently, wildly sexual.  For just as their session in the hot tub ended, they walked back to their chairs and the guy bent her over, then in one move, he slid inside her.  Two seconds later and the whole room reverberated with the sound of his balls slapping her clit.

Some paused and glanced in a frozen state.  Others smiled.  Still others moved through the pool, closer to the young couple.

The couple below me quietly slipped away into the pool of anonymity…

I could hear moans coming from the other hot tub.  I could see heads turning to see what the splashing was about.

Soon, with all the action in the room: of several couples pairing-up; or the other couples playing with their lover’s cock or pussy, everybody’s head was on a swivel.  There was too much to prioritize.  There was too much to see…

Intermittently I stroked my cock and glanced around the room.  I was lost in my own pleasure, able to masturbate as I sought fit in a room full of strangers, unashamed, not afraid and ready for whatever the universe threw at me. 

At the top of my titillation was the notion that I had always loved the idea of having sex with complete strangers.  There has always been something intoxicating about that idea.  About being absorbed only in that tantalizing getting-to-know process and then not coming back for seconds. 

The young couple was now sitting.  One of the older couples that was in the hot tub, approached them.  The young couple stood-up and the four of them began conversing.  I was incredibly curious about the conversation between four people that had been having sex all night long and were completely naked.  Surely they were not talking about weather and jobs…

Then, to my surprise, I saw the young girl’s hand on the older man’s cock.  She was gently pulling at it while she looked at her man.  Her man was talking to the older woman.  Then the group disbanded and the younger couple appeared to be putting-on their clothes.

Four hours into my experience and I looked around the room.  Now after midnight, it was slowly emptying.  There weren’t many people left.

At this point I contemplated dressing myself and planning my escape.

And I was given even more impetus to exit when the younger couple, now fully dressed, walked out the door, behind the older couple.

Still there were some pairs of naked bodies left and so I reached back down and made my cock hard.

~ by The Provocateur on March 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Sex Club: Part 2”

  1. To interact yet be separate. Exposing yourself, languishing in the gazes of others and teasing, taunting them.

    I wonder would just being seen been enough for you?

  2. Very hot. There are, in fact, sex clubs that allow single men, just not on weekends. For example, Trapeze in south Florida allows single men any night of the week but Friday and Saturday. My lover wants to take me there on a Thursday and have me perform for a group of them. Thank you for sharing your erotic adventure and for visiting my HNT photo.

  3. The details you give are amazing, so arousing.

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