One of the most interesting and titillating moments is that first time she sees my cock. Here are my top 3 favorite instances of this form of exibitionism.

There is something doubly titillating about being an exhibitionist.  As though it affords you an extra layer of eroticism to work with…


And while I love having intercourse (aka, sex), I love, even more, all elements of foreplay.  From the teasing and flirting and hands wandering under the table; and that paralyzing anticipation that makes you lightheaded and conscious of the fact that all the blood in your body is swirling around your midsection.


For me, included in foreplay is the kind of exhibitionism that I truly enjoy: The first time she unbuckles your belt and zips you down and reaches in to pull you out of your pants – before the lights fall down for any self-conscious reason.  That first time she lays eyes on your cock; holding it gently in the palm of her hand – with her manicured nails wrapping gently over the top like a seashell.


I love that reaction.  The anticipation it creates.  I almost always judge my lover, and their future worth, on this reaction.


One of my heroes, Friedrich Nietzsche said, “words make common, what is uncommon.”

Yoked to this statement is my sentiment: When she pulls my cock out that very first time, or any subsequent time – it’s not about what she says.  Sure, I’ve heard it all before and while I do remember a lot of those compliments; and while I am grateful for them – for me, it’s about the sounds, the gestures – the way that she says it. 


I love to hear that nervous laugh – the one that says: I am so excited and breathless that I’m not sure what I am going to do with that…


And so, with that said, here are my top three favorite reactions, placed neatly in their respective scenarios.


It was our first date, technically.  This despite the fact that we were on our second day of the date.  She was a musician and I was flattered when she wouldn’t leave my car at the end of the date and instead wanted to make-out with me.  Pulling me over the center console, she nearly ate my face on that first kiss.  That lead to several hours in the car, kissing on the mouth and the face and the neck.  All while our bodies were separated by the center console of my car.


Awhile later and we didn’t know how to get at each other anymore than we already had.  Breathless, we both knew that we wanted the other…


Then, with the sun coming-up she said that she wanted to get a hotel room.


And so we did.


When we got inside our room, with the sun already up and the light pouring in the windows, she unbuckled my pants and pushed me back onto the bed.  Staring into my eyes, she crawled on top of me; went for my lips and then effortlessly melted away from me; down to my midsection where she tore my pants off me in one fluid tug.


Immediately I heard her inhale.  Exhale.  Then a never-to-be-forgotten words, “whoa… you were blessed…”  And for several seconds she stared at my cock, her hips bucking into my now-naked leg.  Looking up at me, she slowly began enveloping my throbbing cock in her hand.


It wasn’t so much her words that made it so hot as it was the way that she said it.  It was the way that the air was forced from her lungs in that way that says: I am desirous. I am aching.  I am hungry.  I want it.  You.  Now.  More.  Harder.


…And then, with her hair sweeping on my belly and me finally laying my head back – she took my entire cock in her mouth.


For the entirety of our relationship I heard her comments, over the phone and far away, about how bad she needed my cock.  Not wanted my cock.  But, needed it.  To come. 


I met this man and his wife at a bar.


She hit on me.  At first while he was ordering drinks, or in the bathroom – but then, right in front of him.  Over an hour into this and sitting at the bar, I saw her lean into his shoulder and whisper something.


Five minutes later and we were leaving, to go back to their house.


After another drink at their place and I was really drunk – but still coursing with some hot blood.  They were sitting on the couch, and, nervous about this situation – it was my first experience with a couple – I was still standing; pacing…


It was then that I realized she was wearing a skirt.  Before that moment, and partly due to the fact that we were sitting at the bar, I had no idea what was below her midsection.

But now I knew.


Teasingly but secretively, she opened her legs just so I could see her panties.


Then she leaned over to her husband and whispered something in his ear.  She thought I wasn’t paying attention because I was turned away – but I could see their reflection in the black television screen.


When I turned back around, the guy said that she wanted to see me.


I knew that this implied some sort of nudity and so I, the brave one – never having been to the sex club before this, nor ever having been in a threesome before this moment, began to unbutton my shirt. 


But he said, no…  And he glanced downward.


I looked down at she, who was staring eagerly at my midsection.  To this day I picture her mouth agape, but in that real moment, I know it wasn’t.  It just felt that way.


And so, savoring that moment, I slowly undid my pants.  When I got to the last button, I reached-in and pulled out my cock – it flopping out, erect and showing her that I was completely turned-on.  I sensed some movement from her – as though she pressed her self a little deeper into the couch. 


Then I completely opened my pants and let them fall from my ass, down to my knees.  I wanted her to see my nicely shaved balls too.

I will never forget the concentration on her face as she gazed at my cock for at least two, three, four long seconds.  These were two of the longest, most gorgeous seconds of my life.  Especially on account of the fact that they were punctuated by the tip of her tongue peeking-out of the corner of her lips.


She looked at her husband, but her eyes kept bouncing down to my cock, and back up to he…


Then she nodded to him.  And without word she stood-up and dropped her skirt…


She was married.  We met while she was crossing the street with her two children.  Our chemistry was palpable and moreover, pungent.  And when the time came for us to depart – because she had to – I handed her my business card.  A couple weeks later, she called.


We talked on the phone for several weeks, at night, after her husband was in bed.  Ethical or not, it was hot.  Our conversations covered the entire spectrum of human existence.  It pushed us.  I learned more about love and caring for a woman.  She learned that it was possible for a man to find pleasure in her, and crave her with an insatiable appetite.  All this she took back into her marriage as the dusk of our relationship came and she slowly slipped into the oblivion of a life that I could no longer see.


But during our time together and the talks we had, many times did everything shift to an incredibly wet and sticky sexual tone.  After the first couple of times and if I was at home during one of our conversations, we would end the night masturbating together.  She had a deliciously naughty mouth…


Unbeknownst to me, the first time we met was going to be nearly too-intoxicating.

We had conjured a fantasy that I would, one day, meet her at the mall.  Her and her husband took turns going for walks as the kids played in the play area.


Then, one day – I got the call.  She was hushed. She said that they were going to the mall.  She said that she wanted to do this.  Today.  Meet her there.


And so showered and then rushed, 70 miles per hour, down the interstate, to the mall.

The trick was: I was going to have to find her…


And so I paced the length of the entire mall, several times over.  Aching to see her again, I was furious and comprehensive in my survey of every part of the mall that I could see.  But an hour later and having several half-sightings that sent the blood swirling to my midsection and I wasn’t sure it was going to happen.

Then, there she was.  With her husband, who was holding one of their girls and their girl, walking alongside.


They disappeared in a store.


Hungry to see her again, I rushed up to see if I could spot them through the window.  Just the sight of her, walking far-off and in the back of the store – where my sightline was interrupted by other tall impediments, aka humans…


And there she was.  At this point, several months down the road from our first meeting, and I wasn’t even sure that she would recognize me.


Then I saw her had her husband something.  Then he took control of the stroller.  Then… he began walking toward the front door.  Toward me.  Without her.


Frightened, I immediately looked away and searched for the nearest place to hide.  However, he didn’t know who I was, and once the adrenaline settled, I remained where I was – knowing that he had no idea of me and my intentions as he walked right by me.

And I walked into the store, evading eye contact from anyone. 


I began heading in the direction I last saw her, curling around the clothing racks.  Weaving through the store, unable to find her I finally walk up behind her.  Trailing in her breeze, I can smell her.  For the first time, I smelled her.


And all the blood left my head, tumbling downward in a siphoning spiral.


I reached out and tapped her on the shoulder.


Alarmed, she spun around…


And then we met eyes.  Without more than a simple and breathy, “hello” – our eyes met in a heavy magnetism, with hers telling me, I can’t believe you found me…


Coyly, nervously, she looked around the store.  Out the front door.


Don’t worry, I told her, he walked out and around the corner.  Down the hall…


And so I trailed behind her.  She was wearing a casual shirt and some blue jeans with no belt.  I curled my finger into one of her belt loops, pulling away her pants from her tan hips – revealing the fact that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.


She looked back at me as she tried to maintain the appearance of normalcy in public.

Feeling her nervousness, I aimed to make her comfortable.


But her nervousness only heightened my intoxication of this situation.  Coupled with the fact that I knew we didn’t have much time and that I may never see her again, I pulled again at her pants, yanking her jeans even further away from her body; this time letting me peer down and over her hip – to her clean-shaven mound.


With her mouth agape and her tongue spiraling in the abyss in-between, she glanced down at my midsection.


I didn’t even look.  I was as aroused and erect as I had ever been in my entire life.

And as she was much just over 5 foot tall, I couldn’t see her face, with her hair obstructing her brow line and her nose obstructing her delicious lips – but I did hear her inhale.  As though she was in shock.


It was a quiet, but violent inhalation.  As if she were taking me inside of her for the first time.


Her head quickly bounced up, to look me in the eyes – shock in her eyes and cheeks.

Quickly she turned away and glancing back at the door way, she reached back with one hand and eloquently opened my jacket and then glanced down at my cock. 


Luckily I wore the pants I did which could not hide my bulging pride.  Down my left leg it was, throbbing and aching for her attention.


In all, we had ten minutes together.


She did not touch my cock in that store.  I ran my fingers around the waist of her pants, feeling her skin for the first time and relishing the delight.  I pulled her ass into my midsection, letting her feel my cock on her backside.  But on this day, she did not reach out for me.


No, she was pulsing with nervous energy.  So much so that no words were exchanged.  The only sounds I heard from her, were breaths of air being expelled from her lungs as though there was too much pressure pent-up inside of her and her overflow valve had opened – releasing these great, fast, loud rushes of air.


Circling one last clothing rack, and with strangers surrounding us – but oblivious to the torturous, nervous delight weaving through the floor among them – she looked one long time at my midsection, her eyes bouncing up to my eyes, then back down.


I could feel the wave of intoxication paralyze my entire torso.  My stomach, tingling…

Then, less than ten seconds later and I dropped to the deck.  I called her name.


I said, “your husband is back…”


Quietly I erected myself upright, the blood now rushing through as it was released from my midsection.  And without looking at her, I walked the other way – looking back only to see that she and he were talking about everything pedestrian, once again.


~ by The Provocateur on March 1, 2007.

9 Responses to “Rushed”

  1. oh…oh…*catching my breath*….*catching my heart racing*

    I am desirous. I am aching. I am hungry. I want it. You. Now. More. Harder…for you P.


  2. Oh wow…gorgeous!

    Just popping in from Myspace (inkserotica) and leaving my calling card 😉

  3. Wow… Nietzsche may be right, but you’ve got a hot way with words, and descriptions.

    btw, hi (from myspace, it took me a while to make the party)

  4. Yes, that moment is addictive. I have noticed men looking at my that way, when I first spread out before them.

    Remands me of how entrancing water is when poured out of a glass. Can’t take my eyes away.

  5. Oh my.. you are in fact absolutely delicious.

  6. Ohmydearlord.

    This is one of my favorite moments, too.. being denied the view is one of the most delicious and evil punishments ever. 🙂 This left me breathless..

    .. and hot.

  7. #1, I keep meaning to leave a comment regarding this.

    That scenerio is HOT. I have put much thought into this, and the other scenerio a certain someone 😉 has brought up is like my ideal fantasy.

    Smoooooooking hot. *yikes* Babe….

  8. mmmmmm… wanna kneel in front of you and show you my ass… 😉

  9. Wow, I might have been there…..

    Forever certain age

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