The Party Playtoy

Three girls, a quiet party, some porn and their invitation for me: to come over and masturbate in front of them. I left buzzing with the intensity of an orgasm so intense I knew I would never be able to forget that night.

We met at a bar. She was out with friends and I was alone. We had never seen one another before, still somehow we found ourselves by ourselves in a corner, for a half hour. Quickly our conversation turned flirtatious and then overtly-sexual. This girl, I discovered, loved talking about sex.

And then, as I was nearly in mid-sentence, she asked, “You want to go my place and fuck?”

That’s how I became Sarah’s playtoy.

Sarah was one of the dirtiest girls I have ever played with. She loved girls. She owned more porn than me. Her mouth was gloriously filthy and she loved talking all while I filled her cheeks-up with cock and cum – beating her tongue with the shaft of my cock as she swallowed it whole; my hands on the back of her head and her super-suction pulling the cum out of me.

Sarah loved double-penetration. And she was obsessed with my ass and licking it and fingering it.

And Sarah had a strap-on.

Sarah and I saw each other off and on for a couple of months – mostly just in the middle of the night, with raunchy text messages clarifying our hunger and leading the way. Most of the time when I arrived she was shit-faced and sloppily asking me to cum in her mouth after I fucked her in the ass and pulled on her hair.

There was no romantic connection – and I don’t think either of us were even remotely confusing sex with love. And so, for a couple weeks after our first couple encounters, we didn’t speak.

Then I got a phone call one night telling me to come over. She said that she has friends over; they just got-in from the bar. She wants me to show them my cock…

As you can imagine, I hustled through a shower and a shave, knocking-over everything on the bathroom counter; barely drying myself right and sloppily dressing just before I leapt into my car and sped-over to her condo.

When I arrived Sarah and two girlfriends were sitting around the kitchen table, drinking and smoking. When I approach the table the two friends’ eyes bounced down to my midsection..

My midsection began to pulse: my hips and my ass and everything tingled.

And while we stood there, exchanging hackneyed pleasantries, my cock rose and fell; swelled and throbbed.

Then I asked, “so you wanted to see… my cock?”

“No,” Sarah replied, “We want you to masturbate for us. We want to watch you stroke that big dick of yours…”

Immediately I was floored with a surge of adrenaline.

As the friends took a break and went-out to the patio to talk, Sarah asked me if I wanted her to pull-out some of her porn videos. I nodded and knew then that the time was right. And so I slowly undressed – a part of foreplay that is often my most favorite: I don’t wear underwear so, feeling my cock come free and bounce up and out is incredibly hot for me. The only unfortunate thing is that it can only happen once in a session. It’s the same for the female: you can only wonder about what panties she’s wearing, how she’s shaved and how she’ll seduce you with her strip – once.

And so while I would have loved to undress in front of Sarah’s friends – I didn’t feel their vibe that well. So, I just pulled my clean-shaved cock out and sat back on Sarah’s couch. Even before she came-out from the bedroom, I was stroking myself – careless as to who could and would walk in any door around me.

Sarah came out, put-in a tape and sat next to me. I told her to touch my balls – I wanted to get as hard as I could. She said she would, but she wouldn’t suck on me. She said that she just wanted me to stroke my cock and then leave.

Just after she tickled me under my balls, the girls came back in.

I could hear their sighs as they both, haphazardly fell to the couches; their eyes fixated on my midsection. From the creases in the corner of their mouths and their fixated glance – they liked what they saw.

As they slumped into the couch, one asked me, “Does this turn you on?”

I let-out a breathy sigh and nodded. “Absolutely…”

The other instructed, “Stand-up. In front of us.”

And so I did, right in front of the coffee table, in the round – completely exposed for them all to see.

As I stroked my cock, I looked into their eyes. And while they occasionally looked into mine, for the most part they stared directly into my midsection.

I reached down and cupped my balls, letting my finger run a little further underneath…

One of the girls said, “Bend over the coffee table. Not all the way – just like you’re fucking…”

And with that, she came-up behind me and kneeled-down and looked up at me, from between my legs. Staring straight at Sarah while I was being inspected, I felt as though I was going to cum.

But I held it.

I wanted this to last as long as it could.

Standing back up and erect again, I looked down at the girls, desperately wondering if what they were wearing underneath. I flipped through my comparative register of underwear and women-types – all while I was stroking my engorged cock above them.

There was some dialogue, but I wouldn’t remember that. No, my adrenaline was rushing so hard and fast I was nearly in a black out. My legs started trembling – at first slightly, then noticeably – this happens when I am fatigued by adrenaline and so wildly intoxicated by the situation that the blood in my body goes into a frenzy and starts trying to force itself out of my limbs with a violent power…

And so I sat down next to Sarah, because I had no choice. My cock, still hard…

One of the girl’s asked me, “Will you cum on yourself?”

I nodded and began stroking again.

“Can you do it now?”

I nodded again.

They leaned-in, closer…

Watching one of the friends as she, wide-eyed and mouth agape – stared at my throbbing cock – I came all over my stomach.

All three of the girl’s eyes raced from my face to my cock and the come on my stomach, with a great rapidity.

And then, that was it. Sarah brought me a towel and her two friends disappeared on the patio with smiles. I heard lighters click and flick.

All Sarah said was, “thanks. I’ll call you later…” as she escorted me to her front door.

I left feeling buzzing with the intensity of an orgasm that you know you will never forget. I looked up at the balcony as I passed under it, with the hope of saying goodbye to the girls, but alas, they were gone.

The next time I would see Sarah it would be with her wearing a strap-on…

~ by The Provocateur on February 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Party Playtoy”

  1. Hey you,

    Got your message on MySpace… nice site!! Would you link to exchange some links? Have just started a new project on Blogspot so I can link you from there, but I’d love it if you’d link to for now, it’s my most popular blog.

    Take care, Lucy

  2. mmmmmm that was delicious.

    a toy…


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