Where It All Began

I was living in a two bedroom apartment in downtown Denver. At the time, I was living with my girlfriend, up on the third floor – the top floor of the building. We faced out back, towards two lush, green courtyards. Towering acacia trees, in their phototropism, pushed their way up and out of the courtyards – reaching for the sun.

And then there were the windows.

All around us they were.

And so it was, one night while I was laying in bed, waiting for my girlfriend – that I happened to glance out our slightly-opened window. What I saw across our courtyard forever changed me.

Not sure of what I was seeing, I moved closer to the window – our room darkened by night. Leaning closer I cleared my eyes twice, in full admission as to what I saw: a head, bobbing up and down in an opened window, one floor down, on the other side of the courtyard.

I could feel the warmth pulsing through me, my flaccid cock quickly becoming erect.

The bobbing head across the way would periodically pull away and out of sight. As the blinds were only open about a foot – all I could see, when she pulled away – was her hand stroking a cock.

I could not see faces. Or bodies.

Just her head and hand stroking and sucking that cock.

I bucked my hips into the pillow that was propped-up against our headboard. The blood swirling through my body, stopped and circled around my midsection. And before I knew it my hand was down under my boxers, rubbing the shaft of my cock and reaching under my clean-shaven balls.

After several minutes of watching this wonderful sight, I felt another urge – I wanted to heighten the experience. This urge overwhelmed me. I wanted to climb through my window and reach into theirs. I felt a certain acceptability at this moment and I wanted more…

But really, what was that extra that I desired?

My mouth completely dry and my cock throbbing, I heard footsteps behind me.

Quickly I fell onto my back.

My girlfriend was coming into the bedroom after her bedtime preparation in the bathroom.

She crawled into bed and posted her lips up to my cheek.

After that, I know not what was said – I just know what was coursing through me: More.

I didn’t say anything to my girlfriend.

I have always had secrets. Lots of them. And this one, I wanted for myself.

However, it was that notion of acceptability in the moment and that overwhelming urge for more that would both catapult my sexuality into a new realm, and end that wonderful 8-year relationship with my then-girlfriend…

~ by The Provocateur on February 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Where It All Began”

  1. thanks for the comments and the blogroll-add!

  2. “More!” … now that is a word I can relate to.

    With exacting consequences of ardor. And pleasure. And passionate inebriation.

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