The Controlled Exhibitionist

This blog is predicated on the fact that I have come to find myself to be a “controlled exhibitionist”. In this, I will be revealing my words and rich, adventurous sexual exploits as well as my body.

I will be periodically posting photographs that I, as well as my lovers take.

Within the last five years I have discovered this exhibitionist, as well as wildly, voyeuristic side of myself. In part, it fractured a long relationship that I was in. However, and as I said to her: I had to go through the pains that I did, to discover this. It was going to happen, one way or another. And while I do not wish to pull anybody along for an unnecessary, and often uncomfortable ride, I do desire nothing less than progress, evolution within myself and those around me.

Hence, The Provocateur. Defined, for me – The Provocateur is you and me and everyone that wants to see: unrest, dialogue, progress, sexual-evolution and exploration. Often this is done in secret. Often it is done with purpose. However, as my blog will reveal – my aim is often blind and it is only through reflection that I am able to see the path I tread.

Often, reasons are not the aim. Experience is.

In all of this I hope you will retain the image of a man, striving and attempting to create something beautiful, fiery and vibrant. At times I walk the line of embarrassment and strife – but remaining honest to this voluptuous component of my “self” – I do believe that I will, in the end of all things, triumph.

~ by The Provocateur on February 7, 2007.

One Response to “The Controlled Exhibitionist”

  1. Does this make you feel free, this sexual exploration? Do you transcend your boundaries in those sacred times that you expose yourself to us?

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